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Does the Deodorant You Buy Matter?

Dr. Adam Kallel, Chief Scientific Officer at Victrix Computational and Medicinal Chemistry Consultancy, explains the workings of our odors and how deodorant works against it:

Body odor is caused by the fermentation of perspiration by naturally occurring bacteria on the human body. Deodorant is just a formulation of scent, alcohol, and sometimes a bit of tricolsan to try to kill off some of the bacteria.

pHresh deodorant puts an end to odor-causing bacteria through the powerful antimicrobial ingredient Saccromyces Ferment, which is derived from vegetables and contains live enzymes that help absorb moisture and bring your armpit’s natural pH into balance.

pHresh contains no aluminum, no harsh chemicals, no gluten, no parabens (cosmetic preservatives), no glycols, and no artificial colors or ingredients.

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The soothing organic aloe is ideal for normal and sensitive skin. pHresh glides on smooth and won’t leave residue on clothes, as well as comes in several fresh scents and an unscented variation.

Here’s a complete list of the all natural ingredients and where they come from:

1. Aloe Barbadensis — Leaf juice that soothes and restores skin health
2. Propanediol – Corn-based skin moisturizer that binds other ingredients together
3. Zea Mays Starch – Maize-derived skin protectant that absorbs moisture
4. Sodium Stearate – Coconut and palm oils that clean and freshen skin
5. Silica – Minerals that absorb moisture and sweat
6. Saccharomyces Ferment – Plant juice that absorbs moisture and kills odor-causing bacteria
7. Stearyl Behenate – Plant acid that conditions and moisturizes skin
8. Carrageenan – Vegan alternative to gelatin that helps bind ingredients together
9. Lycium Barbarum – Fruit extract that acts as both astringent and skin conditioner
10. Glycerin – Plant-based oil that moisturizes skin
11. Lauryl Laurate – Plant based oil that conditions and moisturizes skin
12. Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride – Plant-based essential oils that provide natural fragrance
13. Leuconostoc — Radish root extract serves as an antifungal and antimicrobial agent

Steps to Cleaner Dishes, Naturally

Whether you’re getting help with the dishes or washing them yourself, we’ve gathered some tips to make it cleaner and easier.

  • Rinse with warm water to remove most of the food, remaining soap can develop into film
  • Don’t overload the dishwasher (don’t underload either, hand wash if you have just a few items)
  • Don’t overuse the detergent, more doesn’t necessarily mean cleaner
  • Use the correct cycle, use the eco mode if your dishwasher is equipped
  • Running hot water before you start the machine guarantees it will fill with hot water instead of cold
  • Clean your dishwasher monthly

Also, here are the two Better Life products we swear by when it comes to having clean dishes the natural way:

Better Life Automatic Magic, Natural Dishwasher Gel

Better Life Dish It Out, Natural Dish Liquid


Worried About Pesticide Residue? Click for Our Answer

The foods we eat may contain pesticide residue if you’re not carefully washing or buying pesticide free produce.

Watch this video as Dr. Sanjay Gupta tours a grocery store to show us which foods have the highest levels of pesticide residue.

These “dirty” vegetables and fruits involve soft or hard skins that contain pesticide residue. And skipping out on the skin doesn’t necessarily mean you’re avoiding the pesticide residue. The residue has a chance of making its way through softer skins the longer the produce sits.


At Nariah, we prefer to buy organic and local foods, but sometimes things like pesticide residue can’t be avoided. But don’t worry, we’re here to help after all. One of the products we use to make sure our produce is fresh and clean (and devoid of residues) is Better Life’s Produce Wash.


The All Natural Produce Wash is formulated with organic ingredients making it safe to use on any fruit or vegetable and to better help combat the potential of residues on the foods we consume.

Filmy Grapes? Gritty Spinach? Waxy Apples? No thanks. Enjoy the pure taste of your fruits and vegetables with our unique blend of citrus extracts, natural cleaning agents and minerals which work to loosen wax, film and other residues. Clean Better. Eat Better.

Formulated with Certified Organic acetic acid, citrus limonum extract, and quillaja saponaria extract.

To use the All Natural Produce Wash, simply spray on produce and rub with hands (or produce brush) to remove waxes, dirt, and residues. Smaller produce can be sprayed and agitated in a colander as well. Simply rinse with cold water after.

Try out Better Life’s Produce Wash and let us know what you think, you may purchase it here on our website. For the full list of ingredients and other reviews, you can view it directly on Better Life’s website, here. Feel free to share with us other tips or tricks you use in your home as well.

Our New Natural Soy Crayons Are Now Available!

Nariah_crayon5Our new 100% natural soy crayons have arrived! 

Our soy crayons consist of 10 different colors in each package. The soy crayons draw smooth and creamy while they spread and blend on paper effortlessly. This results in less clumps and cleaner lines on every child’s artwork.

The soy crayons are non-toxic as they include soybeans (instead of paraffin wax) and food grade safe pigments. An added bonus is that the crayons easily wash off walls and other surfaces that your little artist isn’t suppose to draw on.

We’re introducing these new soy crayons for only $5.49. We recommend buying several boxes to keep in multiple areas such as your family room, your child’s backpack, or even the car. Don’t worry, if you buy multiple boxes, shipping is on us! Yep, shipping is free!

Head on over to our website to check out these new items!