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Our Natural Soy Candles, At A Glance

Nariah Natural Soy Candles – On Sale Now!

$5.99 to $17.59 /candle

Whether it's to create a mood, stir a memory, or just simply relax, our Natural Soy Candles are made with high quality natural and essential oils. These hand-poured soy candles are made in the USA and come in a variety of scents and sizes.

  • Sizes: 2oz, 5oz, 6oz, 7oz, 8oz
  • Scents: Fresh Linen, Marine, Orange Vanilla, Rosemary Mint, Stargazer Lily, Cinnamon Cider, Lavender Lemongrass, Pink Jasmine, Siberian Fir
  • Scent strength: Medium
  • Burn times: 20 hours (2oz) to 70 hours (8oz)

Our New Natural Soy Crayons Are Now Available!

Nariah_crayon5Our new 100% natural soy crayons have arrived! 

Our soy crayons consist of 10 different colors in each package. The soy crayons draw smooth and creamy while they spread and blend on paper effortlessly. This results in less clumps and cleaner lines on every child’s artwork.

The soy crayons are non-toxic as they include soybeans (instead of paraffin wax) and food grade safe pigments. An added bonus is that the crayons easily wash off walls and other surfaces that your little artist isn’t suppose to draw on.

We’re introducing these new soy crayons for only $5.49. We recommend buying several boxes to keep in multiple areas such as your family room, your child’s backpack, or even the car. Don’t worry, if you buy multiple boxes, shipping is on us! Yep, shipping is free!

Head on over to our website to check out these new items!